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QCIF provides high-performance services, infrastructure and support to achieve excellence in computation and data-driven collaborative research and its application in industry.

With a 'Queensland-centric' logo, it was time for a refresh to look more like a national service to increase its audience and customer engagement.

When designing the QCIF logo, we applied our 'bringing to life' philosophy. This philosophy allows any logo we create to be animated or realised in a 3D application such as signage. The 'Q' logo meets all our 'bringing to life' criteria, with the dynamic revolving concentric circles, different line thicknesses, and multiple brand colours linked to each sub-brand.

The 'Q' logo is also a stylised magnifying glass or search icon that reveals various data types portrayed by the different colours and line thicknesses.

We realigned all QCIF sub-brands to sit under the leading QCIF brand. Using colours from the primary logo to define each service, consistent fonts and structure, they all display individual identities.

The 'Q' graphic can be deconstructed and cropped, supported by a strong colour palette and font family; multiple layout options can be created and used consistently throughout all the designs to build brand recognition.

With all branding refresh projects, we are excited to see them reinvigorate an organisation and, more importantly, that what we create is functional and easy to use assets to maintain the branding throughout its communication activities.

Branding continually evolves. With a strong branding foundation, QCIF can build continually to improve engagement for all its marketing activities.

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