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Prostate Cancer UK has a simple ambition – to stop men dying from prostate cancer. Through shifting the science over the next 10 years to focus on radical improvements in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and support, we will stop prostate cancer being a killer. Black men are at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer, as 1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Prostate Cancer UK are calling on the black communities to confront their increased risk of prostate cancer and break down the longstanding taboos that prevent men from speaking out about the disease. The campaign features images of Paul Barber, Rudolph Walker, Courtney Pine and Gladstone Small. Alongside the famous faces are Thomas Kagezi and Gilly Morgan, two men who have been affected by prostate cancer and hope to raise awareness through their personal experiences.

Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris, who is globally renowned for his portraits of Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols, was inspired to get involved after learning about the severe threat that prostate cancer poses to black men. “Once I found out that one in four black men would get prostate cancer, I thought it was important to bring awareness to other black men. I think most people aren’t aware of the facts, so I really felt like it was important to be a part of. The more people who get behind the campaign, the more people who will be aware of the issue. It’s a disease you have to be careful of with your children because their risk could be increased.”

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