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Many of TalkTalk’s customers were unaware it offers software security through third-party expert F-Secure.

TalkTalk wanted to understand why interest in the product had dropped off following an initial activation.

It hypothesised conversion was poor due to weak market positioning, suspecting that dialling up user experience would improve results.

To understand the cause of low download and engagement rates for F-Secure, we recommended user testing labs and qualitative interviews.

The approach combined observed and claimed research. In the lab, we asked respondents to download software onto a device, observing their journey and decision-making process.

We monitored behaviour using PIP camera and room cameras, then conducted follow-up one-to-one interviews. This established customers’ attitudes towards the process and their software security needs.

Our analysis recorded a wealth of intelligence into perceived barriers, along with customer journeys and decision-making.

The results were presented alongside invaluable insights from the interviews; user journey maps; qualitative and quantitative analysis; and video footage and quotes.

The research had a considerable positive impact on TalkTalk’s software security business, with its successes showcased at international industry conferences.

Dialling up intelligence on TalkTalk security