Taljeet Matharu Senior Creative Designer


Brand: Lucky Pants Bingo

Brief: The Brief for this Social media paid ad was to design a motion Graphic which was very fast paced, with highly dynamic visuals, “cool” effects and transitions (15 seconds in length max) the animation was used on Facebook and Instagram in a series of campaigns targeted towards specific demographics and Ab Tested to help find out which visuals worked better on the two platforms.

Process/theme: I have been given the chance to be apart of workshops with our Facebook and Google account holders. They have given me really insightful information as to what style of visuals, videos and motion graphics they have seen work for their other accounts. As a direct result I have composited a social media handbook which compiles all that helpful information. The information is a direct result for this paid ad campaign and Ab Test.

Going off the information in my handbook I designed this motion graphic. It needed to be short. 15 seconds max, the first 5 seconds is when the most drops offs for these kinds of ads happen so they are the most important. The motion graphic needed to be very dynamic, fast paced and have very impactful effects.

I really enjoyed rigging the slot reel together using the After Effects parenting tools and a null object as the parent, each element from within the slot reel are independent as they each have their own animations and times as to when those animations are going to take place on the timeline. I am especially happy with the animation that takes place within the three spinning slot reels as I had to create a complex spin animation that I then pre-composed and split into three different sections. The middle section was given an expression script which gives it the very fast spin cycle, that coupled with some cleverly used motion blur effects gives the smooth spinning you see in the final animation.

- I developed new techniques in animation, in particular learning out to create a dynamic spin cycle using a mix of blending and expression scripts

- I used the insight information given to me during my workshops with our Facebook and Google account holders to create a new workflow which has streamlined the way we target our audience

- I learnt new techniques in creating a rigging system native within After Effects using a null object as a parent object which helps give the overall animation a realistic and natural feel

- I created a new method within After effects which allows me to easily sync both visuals and sound track to work in perfect harmony. Notice (especially when the copy is displayed) the visuals and the sound track are working in total alignment which helps with the story and immersive experience


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