Three young designers created digital artwork to celebrate the release of Swoosh’s Fall 2018 Tech Park collection.

Shot with a documentary fashion film aesthetic, the film takes us behind the scenes as we delve into the worlds of the Designers and watch them create from their own studios: real people in normal environments utilising body-mapped data to create ground-breaking technologies.

We see motion texture translated onto unseen bodies, coding used to create distorted beauty and an algorithmic process used to create geometric patterns in fabrics displayed in a range of macro and portraiture shots.

Director, Amy Becker-Burnett, comments on the project, ‘Not only was it amazing to have the opportunity to work with Nike but it was great to collaborate with such talented young creatives who are at the forefront of their practice. It felt really inspirational being on set with a collective of people that have such a strong creative energy. They are pushing boundaries and making things happen for themselves and it’s really impressive. I loved learning all about their processes and it was cool to be able to capture that alongside the collection. It also felt important to try to embody the unique and infectious feeling of London, hence our decision to shoot in Copeland park in Peckham: the hub for art, music and fashion.’

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