We needed the film to be dynamic and full of energy, so we didn’t want to limit (the director) Simon’s creative freedom by asking him to lock off any cameras. Just shoot it how you want and we will make it work. Of course, we kept a close eye during the rooftop shots, just in case he decided to shoot on Super 8 or take the freedom a little too far! We supervised on set throughout.

In typical Bangkok style, the second location was inundated with lots of cables, which we went on to remove in post. On the first take, the drone got tangled and crashed. Cue replacement drone…

But an unruly drone wasn’t the only challenge. The female badminton player did, indeed, have a prosthetic leg, but the client was keen for it to have a more mechanical aesthetic. So, we needed to create a CG leg, remove her existing leg and replace it with ours – all amidst moving talent, free moving cameras, no clean plates… and a ten day deadline. Phew!

And, with a 12 second Manga animation at 12fps, 144 frames needed to be illustrated within a similarly tight window. “Designing and animating Japanese Manga is a very skilled craft”, explains Matthew Szabo, MD. “But doing it for a Japanese brand, with all work needing the final seal of approval from the President of Nissan? No pressure, then! Luckily, our secret Ninja Yoshi and his team pulled it off in their undisclosed underground location”, he laughs.

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