The ground-breaking ad is the result of a technical collaboration between AI wizards, Visual Voice and The&Partnership who utilised 15 years of data to develop and train the AI to reach the finished result. Directed by Oscar Award-winning Kevin Macdonald, the spot was edited at Big Chop with VFX, sound design and music by sister company, Big Buoy.

Big Chop’s Editor on the project, Matthew Felstead comments, “There was a lot of discussion prior to the edit with regards to the best way to convey emotion amidst a storyline written by a computer. For me, the marriage of emotive content alongside innovative experimentation gives the ad a very different feel to what we’ve come to expect from a car commercial.”

Sound Designer, Scott Little, adds, “Matthew and I started working together very early on during the edit process, which is the ideal position to be in as a Sound Designer", whilst Nick Olsouzidis adds, "The dream-like feel of the sequence as opposed to a linear narration of events contributes to the objectives of the creatives and the AI script algorithm. Overall, an amazing project to be a part of.”

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