About me

Hi! I'm Tabitha. I am a Music Journalism graduate with a passion for writing about culture, be it fashion, music, or food! I am currently working in a job that whilst I enjoy and appreciate, does not allow me to showcase my creative abilities, and does not best utilise my skills.

I have experience of copywriting, both B2B and B2C due to duties in a previous role, and have a proven track record of creating succinct yet engaging content. Copywriting is an industry that I have been desperately searching for an avenue into since graduating, so any job that involves copywriting duties would fill me with joy.

In my spare time, I practice chair burlesque, research herbalism and eat too much on the sofa with my little cat Bea.

I am here to try and find a job that doesn't suppress my creative side, allows me to prove my skill for content writing, and makes me happy.

If you think you can help me with any or all of the above, please contact me!


Archiving, Brand / Logo Design, Business Development, Copywriting, Crafts, Customer Services, Editing, Email Marketing, Health & Safety, Hospitality, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Performing Arts, Problem Solving, Sales, SEO, Social Media

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