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Campari commission Syncsmith & Chevel to produce the sonics for their rebrand - introducing the new generation of ‘passioners’

The new rebrand campaign for leading drinks brand Campari goes live, in collaboration with independent artist Chevel. Directed by Matt Lambert, this campaign showcases a series of short films calling for people to follow their passions, it will reimagine the meaning of ‘red passion’ for a whole new era.

In summer 2020, Matt Lambert, Director of the campaign, appointed Syncsmith as the music supervision partner to produce the music and sound design for the rebrand. Campari has clearly broken barriers with this campaign appointing such a forward thinking team, and in a time when the arts industry is compromised, is working with true independent artists and performers to create something fresh and contemporary, whilst staying true to the Campari DNA.

The campaign focuses on artists engaged in their craft, known as ‘passioners'. Through their respective performances and shown through a series of short intimate films, realness and rawness are brought into the mix. In capturing this intensity, the sensuality that is so central to Campari’s image is captured, but reframed through the intimacy of the creative process, which the audience are treated to. The camera is always placed inside the action, bringing you into proximity with the artist, immersing you into their world, and producing that irresistible urge to create.

Chevel (Dario Tronchin) Italian producer and label owner was given the opportunity to produce the music and sonics for this campaign. Derivatives or shorter versions of his Bromine EP are used across the entire campaign. Chevel has created a crystalline sonic pallet with which to serve multiple deliverables, and all of the music has been created by Chevel with support on the "hyper-real" Sound Design front from Ian Miller. Syncsmith was responsible for the Music Supervision aspects which were headed up by Jack Colleran.

“Not only was working with Campari a great opportunity, but I was drawn to the campaign as it reflects everything I am as an artist. Inspiration for Bromine came from the original pitch we received, and how different artists each individually express their craft. I wanted to translate this into a sound, paired with the ‘swirling’ nature of the drink, which is expressed through the fast paced arpeggios, something that I wanted to stand out in the production of the track. Working on this campaign was an amazing experience, and it was really special to work with such a talented team, all contributing towards sharing our passion.” - Chevel shares his experience, and inspiration behind Bromine for Campari.

There are five core themes centred on individuals with exceptional talent fully engrossed in their creativity, including a dancer/choreographer (MJ Harper), a filmmaker (Margot Bowman), a mixologist (Monica Berg) and saxophonist Bendik Giske. Each of these make up the short film series, displaying their talent in a way the audience wouldn’t have seen it before. It was a really important part of the vision that the campaign used real artists and performers, and not models or actors. Campari, and director Matt Lambert have created as much impact as possible in a short amount of time, achieved through true talent and creativity. Chevel was inspired by the art direction and camera angles, and felt compelled to create textures that reflected the performances, which are expressive, emotive and visually stimulating. Chevel wanted to draw the audience in through weightless sonic textures and razor sharp sound design.

Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Client: Campari
WPP Global Creative Director: Sergio Rodriguez
WPP Global Client Leader: Ruth Arban
Wunderman Thompson Chief Creative Officer: Lorenzo Crespi
Creative Supervisors: Marco Rocca + Alessandro Polia
Junior Art Director: Alberta Chiminelli
Graphic Designer: Davide Aloisio
Senior Producer: Virginie Alexandre
Client Service Director: Lorenzo Salemme
Account Supervisor: Federica Carpanzano
Account Executive: Marco Celletti
Planning Director: Andrea Betti
Digital Strategist: Alessandro Fusco

Production Company: Movie Magic
Director: Matt Lambert
Executive Producer: Chicco Mazzini
Producer: Viola Luzardi
Performers: Margot Bowman + MJ Harper + Bendik Giske + Monica Berg
D.O.P: Rina Yang
Production Designer: Andrea Rosso
Costume Designer: Francesca Cefis
Hair Stylist: Daniele Falzone
Make-Up Artist: Luciano Chiarello
Editor Video: Judy Landkammer
Post Video: EDI
Color Grading: The Mill + Oisin O'Driscoll
Music: Chevel
Sound Design: Ian Miller
Music Supervision: Syncsmith

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