Syncsmith pays tribute to William Onyeabor

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Onyeabor's infectious musings need little introduction, the self-released Nigerian has certainly garnered unfathomed interest since his passing in early 2017 with editorial platforms such as Billboard, NPR, The Guardian and Pitchfork racing to cover his mysterious and biographical rise to fame. Onyeabor's tracks have an authentic, organic folk-come-funk exterior with undertones of oppression, faith and healing rising to the fore. Heavily rhythmic, granular and synthesized, they occasionally adopt a more epic durational scope, with lyrics denouncing unrest and suffering. Luaka Bop (David Byrne's) label now controls the seminal discography which comprises of 8 long players and multiple EPs. Remaining an elusive character unto his final days there is much to be discovered about the reclusive Onyeabor, and so for those new to William's craft, please let the journey commence here... 

“I only create music that will help the world” - William Onyeabor 1946-2017


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