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Regardless of your opinions on electronic music, it can't be denied that, more often than not, the sheer versatility offered by the genre makes it perfect for soundtrack work. Indeed, many of the greatest soundtracks of recent years have been almost completely electronic. See the oscar-winning work by NIN frontman Trent Reznor for “The Social Network” for proof. That such as menacing, pulsing, and genuinely bizarre soundtrack in thrall to early industrial pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle and Coil, as well as more modern avant-garde electronic heroes such as Aphex Twin (ambient works) was able to make such a mark in Hollywood, proves that there is definitely a hunger for experimental electronic music in both mainstream and not-so mainstream entertainment.

We were really impressed with Syncsmiths proposal and are very excited to work with them. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them” Rob Butterworth, Label Head of Houndstooth Records


To that end, a new electronic “SYNC” agency backed by Houndstooth, Opal Tapes & Versatile Records aims to re-affirm the pivotal role of experimental electronic music in the TV, Film, Gaming & creative industries. Launched on July 7, “Syncsmith” aesthetically mirrors the abstract label artwork and conceptual imagery of its collective as evidenced by a clinical minimalistic website which serves to reinforce its visually orientated mission statement. In addition, Syncsmith is placing clear emphasis on an “Industry only” approach whereby curated monthly samplers are the chosen vehicle for communicating ethereal soundscapes and emotive compositions to compliment high quality on-screen projects. Syncsmith provides a hand-forged and relationship driven service that is tailored to the TV, Film, Gaming and Creative industries. Their aim is to remove the burden from directors, producers and creatives by providing an experimental and avant-garde catalogue of audio material to enhance and support visual projects. Syncsmith represents ground-breaking artists, recording labels and sound design specialists via an intelligent catalogue of music, whilst also provisioning for commissionable services and bespoke work.


The Bristol based start-up has already established a compelling vision that will champion and spearhead the back-catalogues of established international pioneers of avant-garde electronica from the decadent to the dystopian. The new venture recognises the increasing importance of enigmatic compositions within the creative industries, so has recruited the pillars of the industry to benefit from the service. Auxiliary, Houndstooth, Versatile Records, Diskotopia, Where To Now, Opal Tapes, Moods & Grooves, Power Vacuum, Debacle, Motor, Dement3d, Shipwrec & Nous Disques are all on the books and ready to go! For the more tailored, bespoke projects centric to motion picture and cinematic scoring, Syncsmith has already commissioned the talents of Beatrice Dillon, Karen Gwyer, Joe Farr, Hieroglyphic Being, ASC and Killawatt, and more artists are set to be announced in the coming months.


As an artist working on my own productions and sound design for animation and games, partnering with Syncsmith looks like the start of a new musical adventure I'm really looking forward to” Artist Joe Farr

Syncsmith Co-founder Gavin Mee, said: “We are immensely thankful to all our artists & labels for entrusting us and allowing us to represent such ground-breaking talent, whether its the hissing romanticism of Karen Gwyer on Opal Tapes or the sultry electronica delivered by Snow Ghosts on Houndstooth, we feel honoured to be championing such genre-defying talent and fully believe in their material which exudes cross-over potential with the creative industries that is rapidly gathering momentum. We have hand-selected labels and artists that we feel have an unparalleled ethos and consistently strive to innovate. I think it's this hand-forged, relationship driven, academic approach that will help us fuel our clients with enigmatic and emotive content to enhance their projects.”



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