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Brand identity design for Foster + Svensson Foundation.

All of us can contribute for a better society. At Foster Svensson, we are raised to fight against poverty and to support well-being of people and humanity. We support artists. We take on big challenges with social inclusion. We campaign for quality education. We help community get involved with art and design.

Having a foundation for us is a legacy that will remain and live life after. That’s why our aspiration is to selflessly share our experience, knowledge and invest in our society by contributing its further development with modern values. At Foster + Svensson we believe that corporate social responsibility is not just a fancy term of public relations or another corporate project, but the obligation for contribution to a society. For us, it’s a way of living and understanding culture. It’s our people culture.

The foundation aims to promote social inclusion activities, education which demonstrates theory in practice, exposure of art and design, as well as overall people wellbeing. Our foundation supports only those projects where results will be accessible to the general public and mankind no matter from where they request the results. We also believe in the power of individuals to advance the quality of learning through education, making discoveries that benefit humanity.

Foster + Svensson Foundation is focusing on 5 programs with a goal of increasing global philanthropy awareness and changing people culture towards better societies. Our programs are:

- social inclusion: improving the ability, opportunity and dignity of disadvantaged, in order to push further inclusion within the society
- quality education: lifelong learning opportunities
art preservation: identifying, promoting, buying and collecting arts from the artists that will present legacy for other generation and expand our education
- design studies: creating and supporting programs for personals and groups that will move forward society towards fine arts
- people wellbeing: improving the overall humanity life

Since 2013, Foster + Svensson advertising agency supported many organizations from its founding to operations like MAI Marina Abramović Institute, Charity Water Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Center for the inclusion of persons with physical disabilities, among many others. We are also creating our own contemporary art collection, selflessly share our knowledge by lecturing at student organizations, faculties and companies. And we strongly believe in philanthropy.

That is why we formed special unit of Foster + Svensson Foundation. To make it grow further. Together with people and society.


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Foster + Svensson Foundation brand identity design