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When creating a content for social media channel, we aim to have clear strategy and set goals in order to know which direction we should follow and what outcome we could expect.

Selecting social media platform and proper content for it is also a must. Not all content goes to all social media channels as bulk. Brands can select which content is most suitable for certain social media channel, as audience and target group can be different.

Online drugstore Apothecary selected to have different messages, different copies across its social media channels. On LinkedIn, content is more corporate, news and people related. Facebook on the other hand is more product orientated, while Instagram is most active and goes around lifestyle of the people.

That is why we have created social media strategy and content for Apothecary, all communicating with same tone, but with different content across social media channels.

On Instagram we used existing profile grid as foundation for content management. Since Apothecary is brand new on the market, more people will visit profile page before following it. That is why we want to demonstrate to people how Apothecary is tidy, clean, pure and transparent with its business. Upon first visit of Apothecary Instagram profile page, content will be displayed in appropriate order.

Here we are showcasing how we create and publish content for Apothecary. When creating content calendar and plan, we aim to go with 3 main pillars, which we placed vertical:
- Brand (demonstrating Apothecary brand)
- Videos (displaying product or brand content)
- Products (showcasing products itself)

In order to connect and relate vertical pillars, we also use horizontal for publishing content within its order: color.

It’s a 3x3 model, where we publish 3 posts horizontal, all within same tone of color, while also targeting 3 vertical topics.

And here it is. All tidy, clean and pure.


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