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It's a step-by-step guide for specialists in the field of content marketing - a set of tools necessary for successful development in this field.

The book describes the fundamentals of content marketing. It presents theoretical and practical recommendations for developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy - from the history of evolution, well-established frameworks and traditional methods to up-to-date approaches, techniques, technologies and trends that are currently shaping our new reality. In addition to the practical guidelines for strategic planning, creating marketing campaigns, writing various forms of content and data analytics, this book offers a holistic view of a brand and its audience - from the idea formation to its implementation and analysis.

The true gem of this edition is a collection of the best-in-class books, courses, templates and ready-made solutions that you can apply in your practices.

This book is my way of creating a domino effect and igniting a chain of kindness and knowledge sharing. By downloading the book and sharing it with the world, you not only support digital creators in Ukraine, and the IT industry in general, but also donate to Ukraine's victory, as all the money will be transferred to the Charity Fund "Voices of Children". Children are our future, the continuation of our lineage and bearers of our cultural code, therefore they deserve to live in a better reality!


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