For the launch of the highly anticipated '7 years in the making' Nike Air Vapormax, and in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1, Studio Private were asked to produce a 4 minute motion graphics piece to best show the history of Air Max, projecting it onto the Pompidou Centre in the heart of Paris as part off the Nike Air Vapormax launch event.

We created 7 motion pieces calling out the most iconic and memorable Air Max models, telling their most individual stories attached to their era, the subcultural embrace and the inspiration behind their designs.

This project gave Studio Private an opportunity to once again prove itself as a very capable and creative content production company. The project was conceptualised by our creative and executed via our team of producers, 3D and motion graphic artists and retouchers.



The AM1 was inspired by the Pompidou itself, a child of the 80’s and where it all began. We bring together it’s Miami-sunset advertising and the iconic Pompidou building through VHS tinted spectacles and a glossy 80’s polish.

With the AM90 we pay homage to the embrace of a sports shoe by a party generation. Rave culture neons and the well known striped rubber accenting of the sneaker are fused together to marry product, place and time.

We borrow from the AM180’s 'mad-rabbit' and hugely offbeat advertising,penned by Ralph Steadman, creating a 2D world where nothing is what it seems and forms morph to the unthinkable.

The AM95 was inspired by the human body, so we put the 95 under the microscope to find out what was beneath. We brought it's sporting heritage to the foreground from it’s subtle use of the USA track team yellow.

Inspired by the infamous Bullet Train the AM97 was coated in 3M refelective material. Put simply, it was designed to go fast, designed to shine bright, - so we made it both.

With the AM360 Nike realised their ambition of walking on air with the full air sole. Suspended in zero gravity, we sent the shoe into orbit through a spiralling motion with the light of passing stars pulsing through its sole.

The AM16 was about 'more', more glossy, more air, more colour and the addition of flyknit. We chose to reflect it’s harmony of many parts in colour shifts and highlights reacting to the shoes motion and show its most notable colour-ways blending from one to another.

It’s all brought together by diving in and out of the wider world of Nike Air Max footwear, a grid of forever shifting and changing sneakers. The grid allows us transcend time, shift between our iconic models and show the rich history of Air Max with a bold visual impact to experience at huge scale.

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