Studio Noel London


Based in London and fuelled by their passion for Moroccan food, family and community, Raphia brings a contemporary twist to a luxurious collection of regionally-inspired artisanal products. They commissioned us to refresh the look and feel of their brand, and transform their online shopping experience.

Bringing to life the customer experience.
We created Raphia’s new e-commerce website, which highlights their exclusive collections and celebrates their contemporary flavours. We brought flavour profiles to the forefront, enabling customers to shop by flavour as well as product type. We also introduced new story and journal sections to provide insights into Raphia’s heritage, culture and ingredient sourcing, for a richer and more compelling brand experience.
Copywriting: Amped Branding

Capturing a sense of place.
Our new look and feel for Raphia focuses on encapsulating the essence of Morocco. The warm colour palette and strong shadows of their sunlit hero photography help create a luxurious feel, while we also present natural ingredients alongside the brand’s chocolates and pastries to highlight their unique flavour profiles.
Photography: Hikaru Funnell

Adding elegance through illustrations.
To sit alongside the hero photography, we designed an elegant suite of illustrations combining pared-back lines and solid colour, which echo Morocco’s flowing landscape and reflect the brand’s passion for natural ingredients.

Representing key messages with icons.
We designed a series of icons to highlight key aspects of Raphia’s offer, including unique selling points, and specific dietary information about ingredients.

Creating a uniform photographic feel.
We developed a uniform approach to Raphia’s product photography, enabling future collections to slot in easily alongside their established ranges.

Raphia – Transforming a Moroccan-inspired brand