With a reputation for craftsmanship and strong movie, military and aviation heritage Hamilton is more than a watch brand. It’s a brand that supports culture, the arts and cinema. But the latter is often overshadowed by the former.

For Hamilton’s Year of Cinema, we crafted its own VFX (visual effects) work of art, to celebrate the small yet essential role Hamilton has played in so many great films.
Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Martian; these are a few of the iconic films Hamilton watches have appeared in not just as a prop but as an instrumental piece of the story. If Hamilton had an IMDb page, it would list over 500 films spread out over the past 87 years.

We narrowed these down to six films that have all played an equally iconic role in cinema and people’s hearts and featured them in the VFX film. From the historic battle of Pearl Harbour, to questioning our place in the stars in Interstellar; Stanley Kubrick’s seminal space odyssey, Matt Damon’s space cowboy in The Martian; saving the world from alien attack in Independence Day Resurgence and finally 90s classic Men In Black.

To celebrate Hamilton’s Year of Cinema, we created a brand film that takes viewers on a journey through these moments in cinematic history. Our VFX experts crafted scenes from scratch and brought them to life to serve as a dramatic reminder of just how important a role the iconic watch brand has played in our popular culture.

From there, Hamilton pushed the film out across their social channels and digital platforms as a key content piece for their campaign.


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