Open Briefs

Submit your city-focused travel photography for to win £1,500!

If there’s one thing you should know about, they LOVE TRAVEL. They love enabling and inspiring travel; they love the experiences and adventures that come with travel and they love sharing the experiences and adventures from those emerging travellers who discover the hidden treasures of the cities they visit and know how to capture them. have been sharing their employee’s travel photography on Instagram with the hashtag #WeWhoTravel for a while now and now they want to share yours!


Are you the accidental Wes Anderson of travel photography?

Are you obsessed with the symmetry, architecture and colour of the cities you visit?

Are you able to capture authentic “in-the-moment” poses from your holiday companions? are looking for CITY CENTRIC travel photographs that show how inspiring and rewarding travel can be for your creativity.

They want to see photographs of cities from the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the Nordics (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark).

Consider the following and submit your photos for the chance to be featured on the Instagram channel of 24.7k followers and to win up to £1,500 for the exclusive license of your photograph.


FUN - Think playful, fun-loving and curious rather than absurd and overtly hilarious.
CHEEKY - Your photographs should be surprising and not be too serious, though respectful.
STRAIGHTFORWARD - Embrace the minimal approach without being boring.

Pastel Colour + Incredible Symmetry are looking to feature photographs bursting with delectable, shareable symmetry, particularly when it comes to architecture, and utilising pops of colour with blue skies and a whitewashed filter - no over-saturation! The photos should evoke warmth and cheerfulness and make others want to travel.

Fun, joyful and lively travellers

Your photograph should only feature people if the pose captured is authentic and natural. We’re not looking for gazes into the camera, your subjects should be enjoying and taking in their environment, which is forever the focus. Their clothes should be sophisticated - and unbranded - think city seeker rather than beach babe. No selfies, please.

How to Submit

1.  Upload your photographs to your Creativepool profile, stating the location and area of each photograph and your Instagram handle.
2.  Click Submit.
3.  Ensure you have read and understood the Rules of Submission
4.  Sign the Creative Agreement
5.  Submit your photographs!
6.  Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #WeWhoTravel and tagging @hotelsdotcom for a chance to be featured on their Instagram (your profile needs to be public)


Up until June 2018, will be selecting work to share on their Instagram page with credit.
(Please ensure you include your Instagram handle in your submission) and Creativepool will judge all submissions and select winners who will win the following prizes:

First Prize: £1,500
Second Prize: £1,000
Third Prize: £500

Shortlisted photographs chosen by Creativepool will be displayed on and will be put to the public vote from the 30th May to 6th June.

The submission with the most (fair) votes will win the following prize: 
People’s Choice: £500 may also wish to reward additional prizes of £400 for outstanding work.

All prizes will cover the exclusive license for the winning photographs. See the rules for full details.

Get involved with the hashtag #WeWhoTravel


Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Please upload your most high-resolution photographs.

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