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Create an artwork within the Absolut bottle silhouette or logo

This brief and its contents shall only be used for creating and submitting artworks, designs and/or moving media for the brief.
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A trendsetter and inspiration among the design community, the Absolut Vodka bottle and logo are respected all over the world.

Their brand vision is to become the #1 spirit by using creativity to drive progress. 

Absolut and Creativepool invite you to submit artworks inspired by the brand personality and using the iconic Absolut Logo and Bottle Silhouette. 

Brand Personality 

Absolut is Bold, Creative, Witty and Inviting

Bold - Absolut are daring and push boundaries. They state their point of view with confidence, but never arrogance. They are for, not against.

Creative - Absolut have a spark inside them and that creative energy is mind opening. They like edgy and express themselves through contemporary culture

Witty - Absolut combine fun with a clever twist and rule at brilliant wordplay. They make people smile by making people think.

Inviting - Absolut welcome everyone. They think all humans are equal and should be free to express themselves their own way. They enjoy collaborating and greeting you into their world.

How to Submit

1. Get to know Absolut, their brand personality and the Design Assets

2. Upload your artwork, design or moving media to your Creativepool profile, ensuring it is Only Viewable to Judges.

3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to sign the Creative Agreement and submit your artwork, design or moving media for consideration.

Note: You can make as many submissions as you'd like! Just upload all the artwork, design or moving media to your profile before submitting.

Note: You must be of legal drinking age in the country you currently live to submit. 

Considerations + Specifications

Work within the bottle silhouette and logo. Do not change the shape of the bottle silhouette or logo

Use colours or hues of the colours in the brand colour palette. Do not use red.

For moving media: Ensure that the bottle silhouette and logo is visible in its true shape a sufficient amount of times to ensure brand recognition. 

Portrait format: full bottle silhouette.
Square format: cropped bottle silhouette.
Landscape format: logo



Absolut and Creativepool will choose the best of the best to be rewarded £1,000

This prize will cover the exclusive online usage rights for your design.


This brief is now closed. 

About Absolut

Absolut Vodka was first launched in 1979 in New York where it soon became the talk of the town, the US and eventually the world, completely redefining the premium vodka landscape and becoming synonymous with art, culture and nightlife.