The brief was to create a bespoke gift for our clients, suppliers and friends that celebrated our 25th year in design. The gift needed to be desirable, demonstrate our creative thinking and be lovingly crafted – to best reflect us as designers.

With 1988 being a very good year for design and whisky, we came up with the neat idea of creating a gift box containing a dram of Glenfarclas 25 year old single malt whisky and a drop of complementing Cairngorms Well still water. Relevant creative writing – ‘Dram Good Design’ complementing ‘Well Clever Ideas’ – and crafted packaging work together to make the vintage design and whisky connection.

250 handmade boxes.

Date created: January 2014 2014-01-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 15 January 2015 2015-01-15T10:03:57+0000


Cream Award
EPICA Awards


Annual 2015 ShortlistEven Better with AgePackaging Project featured: on 12th February 2015

Even Better with Age