The lockdown edition of 'Apple at Work - The Underdogs' is an ode to remote working that humorously captures all the frustrations, family responsibilities and video blunders that come with working from home, while articulating how Apple's products are here to help. The first chapter released back in 2019 saw four employees working tirelessly to impress their austere boss - Vivienne. Filmed in the style of an American sitcom, 'The Underdogs' introduced a sceptical world to the need for rounded pizza boxes - an actual Apple-invented concept. With the same four scrappy employees in tow, this time Vivienne tells the team that 'Project Pandora's Box' is back, with a tight deadline - though this time the design needs to be recyclable. With no time to lose, the team set about navigating her arduous request from the 'comfort' of their homes. While they encounter many hurdles along the way, Apple's wide range of devices and software are the one constant which iron out the stress of Vivienne's task whenever a spanner is thrown in the works.


  • a52Visual Effects
  • Anthony DiminoAssistant Director
  • Anthony DiminoAssistant Director
  • Brian CarmodyExecutive Producer
  • Greig FraserDirector of Photography
  • Jason HougaardProduction Designer
  • Josh SassonEditorial Assistant
  • Josh SassonEditorial Assistant
  • Mark GethinColorist
  • Mark MolloyDirector
  • Mark MolloyDirector
  • Monica WilkinsAgency Producer
  • Neil SmithEditor
  • Patrick Milling-SmithExecutive Producer
  • SmugglerProduction Company
  • SmugglerProduction Company
  • Urs Furrer2D Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Work EditorialEditing Company
  • * Stewart ReevesEditor
  • * Marlo BairdAgency
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2021
Project featured: on 26th October 2021 Project featured: on 26th October 2021

The Whole Working From Home Thing


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