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This is Stephanie, I am Mexican born and bred and currently living in London (wouldn't mind to relocate).

Since I was 12 I wanted to do commercials, of course I had no idea what that meant at that time. My mind didn't change with the years and here I am.

I worked for two years at BBDO Mexico where I had the chance to learn from outstandingly talented creatives every day.

Truth is I really enjoy this job despite its cons and I do not picture myself doing something different. As everybody in this business, my family don't understand what I do and why sometimes I go off at 3 am in the morning with no extra payment, the truth is, I like agency life.

I believe in advertising really aimed for "normal" people, not for other creatives or award shows (but don't get me wrong, I do not entirely dislike awards, they look good on your CV, don't they

I also believe that no matter how far technology gets, the core of our business will ever be creativity and great ideas.

So that said, I hope we can talk real soon.


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