To generate excitement and trailer views for the launch of Fast & Furious 8, whatever we did needed to drive intuitively to social content. User-generated content has more authentic shares than traditional movie trailers. So we put people in the trailer. For our audience it’s sometimes more natural to share via closed group or ‘dark web’ platforms like iMessage or WhatsApp, so we needed to make the content downloadable for both Android and iOS. Celebrating the adrenaline-fuelled spirit of Fast on a global level, our concept had to travel across platforms, continents, languages, age groups and interest levels. So its success would rely not only on being engaging and memorable but be visual, personal, and scalable.

Hit The NOS - Star in your own Trailer gave people an action-packed trailer starring themselves behind the wheel in a Fast & Furious car stunt. We achieved this by blasting them with 2 air jets to make their faces wobble, recorded it in slow mo for that authentic epic action moment and take Hollywood standard green screen to the masses.

To make a complex activity super easy for global implementation, while maintaining NBCUniversal movie quality, we designed a pod that local markets could easily recreate. A cloud-based system controlled all the pods with Apple tech capturing user clips. There, we automated a post-production studio to process content from 22 markets and 64 locations simultaneously, within 10 minutes. This was achieved through an industry first agreement to host Adobe After Effects across 50 render servers.

The concept was picked up by an incredible 22 NBCUniversal markets who set the green screen experience up in 64 locations.

Hit The NOS was deemed a huge success with 40,300 participants, 120,000 pieces of bespoke content produced across multiple social platforms and over 22 million combined views.

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