Steph Thompson Content Director


Killing Emmanuel is an emotional drama about Emmanuel, a successful businessman who never fails to impress women with his upper class charm. A new woman enters his office with plans to seize his heart and poison his life. Will he find retribution or will she destroy him?

After countless times of abuse and neglect, Rose decides to leave when she finds Emmanuel cheating with another woman.

18 months fly by and a new woman, Karma enters Emmanuel's office. With plans to seize his heart, she manages to seduce Emmanuel with her flirtatious behaviour and dominant persona. Whilst Emmanuel's love for Karma grows, he becomes vulnerable to her poisonous words and manipulative ways.

In this vicious cycle of Karmic drama he struggles to stay in control and loses all sense of who he once was. Can he find retribution, or will karma aid in his self-destruction.

My aim behind this project was to show how Domestic Abuse affects individuals in heterosexual relationships from both male and female perspectives, as I believe there are many male victims as well as female victims of DV but this is often shunned at.

Killing Emmanuel was a huge success and I plan to carry on this momentum by creating more films with innovative agenda's.


Black international film festival

Killing Emmanuel