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Volvo XC90 "Drive The Future":

For this spot, we were asked to create a raw, intimate, soulful cover of the electro/pop hit “Lean On” by Major Lazer. We composed a variety of acoustic, piano and guitar driven arrangements, and brought in an array of vocalists to try and capture the weight/substance this spot needed. The agency ended up favoring the vocal delivery of Kit Conway (from the band Stello), and the creative team attended the live session in our NY studio for the final record. Our CD, Zac Colwell, directed the session and the clients we're able to give feedback in real time until we obtained the perfect performance.

Our original brief for this spot was to ‘remake a famous track’, but our goal was to give the song new meaning. By composing this stripped down arrangement and pairing it with a raw vocal delivery, we were able to turn a dance pop hit into something epic, soulful, and ultimately inspiring. When paired with the visuals, the emotional weight this story about relationships and protecting our future really comes to light.

Brand: Volvo
Agency: Grey/TownhouseWW
Agency Producer: David Lapinsky
Director: Vince Haycock
Creative Director: Zac Colwell
Senior Producer: Danielle Toporoff
Composer: Rob Barbato
Vocalist: Kit Conway


Music and Sound


  • VolvoClient
  • Amanda PattersonSenior Producer
  • Ashley MarshallAgency Creative
  • Dan ViensAgency Creatives
  • Drew FischerSound Design/Final Mix
  • Jeff SelisAgency Producer
  • Rob BarbatoCreative Director
  • Zac ColwellArranger
  • * Squeak E. Clean Studios
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The Volvo XC90 I Drive the Future


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