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Carlsberg finds itself in a vulnerable position in the UK. The category has diversified and premiumised which has left Carlsberg losing share, losing meaning and at the bottom of the already-struggling mainstream lager category.
We were tasked to turn things around for Carlsberg by returning to their Danish roots - to create a motivating point of difference, bolster their premium positioning and elevate Carlsberg to world beer status.

To reinforce Carlsberg UK’s new Danish-centric strategy, we created limited edition packaging to translate the new positioning across the Carlsberg masterbrand. Borrowing from the beautiful simplicity of Danish design, each pack embodies an abstract interpretation of Carlsberg’s iconic ingredients: barley, the hop and Carlsberg’s legendary brewers’ yeast, which is the basis of the majority of today’s lagers. It’s not only a collection of essential ingredients but a collection of Danish-inspired designs that hero what’s at the heart of Carlsberg’s offering – premium beer from Denmark with love.


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