SpecialGuest Brooklyn, New York


Celebrating real friendship in a fake world of social media.

Despite launching nearly 8 years ago and hosting 200 million users today, Snap had never released a global consumer campaign. SpecialGuest helped Snap take control of their brand narrative for the first time, introduce Snap to a new audience, and set it apart from its fiercest competitors.

We teamed up with Snap’s in-house creative team during the ideation process and presented to Snap leadership Evan Spiegel (Snap Founder) in nearly 20 brand workshops. To build our narrative, we garnered mined thousands of real stories from actual Snap users. We sourced people from around the world (while navigating compliance), assembled ethnographies, did open calls in far-flung, hard-to-reach markets, and developed a brand story that truly reflects what Snap users love most about the app.

Showcasing real pairs of “best friends,” SpecialGuest developed Real Friends to show that Snap was built for genuine connections and continues to be the social media platform where users can truly be themselves. From double chins to awkward dance moves, the campaign shows it’s the little intimate moments shared between friends that help relationships thrive.


Snapchat - Real Friends