SpecialGuest Brooklyn, New York


Canonizing artists and honoring their fans with fine art.

Streaming services are the de facto platform for music today and brands like Spotify essentially have two audiences: their subscribers and the artists whose music they stream. To celebrate and promote Spotify’s hugely influential “Rap Caviar” playlist, it was important for the brand to partner with its top artists for a genuine collaboration.

SpecialGuest worked with Spotify to make sure the tone of Pantheon captured the Rap Caviar brand, the essence of each artist, and a few subtle winks to its loyal audience. We incorporated details such as a flute in Metro Boomin’s hand and 21 Savage sitting atop “8 M’s” to add surprising, celebratory moments that feel authentic and not appropriated.

Pantheon took the aesthetic cues of Greco-Roman statues and iconized Rap Caviar’s top three artists of 2017 in the same classic style. The 3D printed statues were unveiled at the Brooklyn Museum, and an accompanying video was directed by hip-hop’s most in-demand auteur, Director X.


Spotify - Rap Caviar Pantheon