SpecialGuest Brooklyn, New York


Turning a simple share into a dynamic, digital experience.

Facebook was looking for a more dynamic way to help its users celebrate their “Friendversaries” than a static, shareable image.

SpecialGuest teamed up with Facebook’s in-house creative team to design a more robust user experience with multiple dynamic elements and a celebratory feel that users would be compelled to share. It also had to be highly watchable when your friends’ versions popped up in your feed every day.

The super-personalized Friendversary pulled photos that friends have been tagged in together, the number of times they liked each other’s posts and various comments, and contextualized those assets into warmer and textured friendship memorabilia. A spinning record kicks off the celebration, while conventions like photos being printed and flipped through a hardbound album create “big reveal” moments that are particular to each video.

The campaign proved so popular that a parody video featuring Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin made the rounds on the internet.


Facebook - Friendsversary