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Laszlo studied communications, political science and Anglo-Saxon culture at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary and University of Lund, Sweden. He spent seven years working at Central European University, Budapest before he started his career in the film and television production industry in 2004. As a freelance film producer/production manager, he has worked on television productions for TV2-Hungary and the Hungarian National Television (150+ episodes), several documentaries and short films as well as dozens of television and online commercials (OTP Bank, MIZO group, TASZ, Douwe Egberts etc.). His newest and fully independent documentary on a round-the-world cyclist, Film Until The Ashes (), that he also directs and produces himself, is in making and will be released in 2011. He is an inventor of creative ideas, founder of the Kvazibarki network () and Speak Easy Project (), a passionate environmentalist and marathon runner. Long distance projects, including space missions,

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