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Business Desired Outcome:

To raise $1m for cancer charities worldwide through sales of the ghd, ink on pink, Platinum+ styler collection, in partnership with tattoo artist David Allen, to mark the 15th edition of ghd’s Pink Campaign.

Creative Challenge:

To support ghd’s biggest campaign for Pink so far, the brief was to present a creatively powerful, highly emotive, women-empowering and influential multi-channel idea. ghd wanted to go back to its roots with more emotive storytelling comms, rather than product led.

Consumer Insight:

Going through breast cancer can leave women feeling like they have lost their femininity, especially when experiencing hair loss and mastectomy. Even after cancer is gone they often end up lacking confidence and wanting to hide their bodies away. Enter tattoo artist David Allen, who has spent the last 10 years working with breast cancer survivors to transform the marks of their journey, into beautifully unique pieces of art. The women can take back control of their bodies and transform into a person stronger than ever before – proud, confident and liberated. •
Creative Solution: My Tattoo. My Story. To include a high end key visual for use across print, digital, social and POS, as well as a 20’’ video for digital, a Behind the Campaign video for PR, cinemagraphs and bumper. The work will run in the US, Europe, Asia, Australasia and South Africa and will span digital, social media, print and in-store for three months from launch on July 25th.

Creative Execution:

To be able to make this campaign emotive and real, we needed real women that had gone through the journey of breast cancer, and who were also on the recovery journey with David Allen. Through David Allen, we secured two brave ladies that were willing to be a part of the campaign, and tell us their stories. Through hours of footage, we captured some very raw interviews, with David and Grace, Behind The Scene content of Molly getting her breasts tattooed, as well as some podium shots of Grace for use within the Key Visual. Many hours were spent with the women to ensure we created the right balance for the content.

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