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Strategic creative agency Southpaw will be holding a zoom webinar on Friday 6th November at 11am, with special guests Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital for Direct Line Group and Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer for System 1 and author of Lemon. 

It’s been measured that for over 150,000 years storytelling has been the construct of human to human information sharing. It’s now widely believed that we have evolved to be hardwired to make sense of the world in story terms. Culture changes quickly and the world shares information so rapidly but you can’t change 150,000 years of evolution in such a short time. Stories are as relevant now as they were to the cavemen. 

But in a world that is overloaded with content, and consumers attention is in heavy demand, what are the levers you can pull to ensure your brand story gets cut through? 

Join Southpaw and guests on Friday 6th November at 11am as they explore why brands still need a good story.  

Panel member Orlando Wood from System 1 Group, will discuss his latest research Achtung! launched at EffWorks, the IPA’s global conference for effectiveness. His new work focuses on what it takes to attract and sustain attention with advertising to create positive business effects, both online and on TV. Having partnered with Facebook to provide the data his new research analyses what it takes to make more effective online advertising.  

Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital joined Direct Line Group in 2012 and over the last 8 years has overseen the transformation of DLG's brands and marketing approach, including the multi-award winning re-invigoration of the flagship Direct Line brand. In this session, they will discuss the power of emotion and characters to drive salience and brand growth, drawing on his experience at DLG, as well as 118 118. 

Glenn Smith, Creative Director at Southpaw has spent over twenty years helping some of the world’s biggest brands grow their reputation through the power of storytelling. With Southpaw he has created foundational narratives for brands including Honda, Brown Forman, Eurotunnel and ghd. He’ll share insights into how behavioural science can stimulate more effective storytelling and give a creative’s eye view of the challenges facing marketers in the current climate. 

Join Southpaw's free webinar, ‘Don’t lose the plot: Why brands still need a good story’ on Friday 6th November at 11am, via this link: 




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