We worked with Happy J’s® in creating the category defining brand and packaging for their Hard Kombucha launch in the UK market. 

For those that don’t know, Hard Kombucha offers a happy balance of probiotic goodness along with a little kick from the hard stuff, and in Happy J’s® case this is quadruple distilled Vodka.

Hard Kombucha already exists as a category in the US and is riding on the wake of Hard Seltzer. In the UK and Europe it is newly emerging and is believed to be following a similar path to its opposite number the other side of the pond.

For Happy J’s® we wanted to a create brand that was fresh and stood out from the Hard Seltzer/Functional Drink crowd. So, rather than follow the usual Kombucha design language of hippies, tie die and flower power we took inspiration from Acid House's ‘second summer of love’. 

This embarked us on a journey in creating an immediately iconic brand and its packaging that is informative, fun, irreverent and perfectly timed for the forthcoming resurgence of late 80s and early 90s, baggy jeans and bucket hats, cool.

Early rave culture has an enormously rich design language that Happy J's® can tap into and use to express itself across its brand messaging and social media channels.

We’re excited to see how this brand will unfold and are looking forward to the next few years of working with the Happy J’s® team.


  • Boochtail LtdClient

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