Soraia Soares Brand Designer


Bọrí is a premium experience-based supper club focused on delivering unforgettable adventures through the culinary arts. It entails a fusion of pan-African cuisine with primarily French Classical techniques. The brand name has a really special meaning - Bọrí is a Yoruba word for ‘WIN’.

Focusing in the brand name, the Yoruba culture, the African and Nigerian heritage and the fine dining experience, the new brand identity was created.

The symbol is a monogram of the name Bọrí created in an intrinsic way - inspired by the veve of Ogun, the god of victory in the Yoruba culture - and instead of using the dot under the letter O (following the Yoruba language), a diamond shape was used - inspired by the african and nigerian textures and patterns.

The colours are strong, but very elegant, and the chosen typography complements the luxurious, sophisticated and unique side of the brand.


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