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Redpin, formerly known as Currencies Direct Group Holding Co., constitutes a consortium of global foreign exchange businesses, including Currencies Direct and TorFX. Following a substantial £140 million investment from Blackstone, the group is undergoing a rebranding as a property technology platform business. It aims to provide software and services related to international property investment.

The majority of the group's current clientele comprises high net worth individuals who transfer funds across borders for property investment purposes. Redpin facilitates these global citizens and businesses by simplifying crucial financial transactions associated with buying, selling, owning, and managing property abroad. The group aspires to streamline the complex and fragmented residential property sector, bringing about long-overdue change.

Redpin's objective is to revolutionize the property market by simplifying a traditionally intricate and compartmentalized sector, marking a groundbreaking development in the PropTech space. The distinctive red pin symbol reflects this goal, representing the connection of each point in the intricate process.

The strategic insight behind Redpin's vision, coupled with the substantial investment from Blackstone and the extensive global network comprising over 15,000 partners and a processing volume of $12.6 billion, positions the group to be the pioneer unified platform for international property.

In choosing a new name, Redpin aimed for brevity, memorability, simplicity, and relevance to the space. The name resonated with the core strategic concept of 'connecting the dots,' a phrase frequently used by stakeholders to describe the group's mission of simplifying the complexities of international property transactions.

The typeface Berlingske Serif by Playtype, characterized by timeless details, was chosen to complement the brand's identity. The incorporation of a pin in place of the dot on the 'i' in Redpin's wordmark further enhances its distinctiveness.

To convey its vision of simplifying crucial financial transactions and highlighting the power of connectivity, Redpin produced a brand film. The film illustrates the complexity of the current global property market and showcases Redpin's international reach through its growing portfolio of Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

Recognizing the complexity of the processes involved, Redpin created an exhaustive set of illustrative icons to visualize various moments across the customer journey. As Redpin embarks on its mission to simplify life's most important payments, the group acknowledges the need for rapid growth and scaling up. The expertise within the group is pivotal in facilitating this transformation, and the brand emphasizes the importance of its individuals in orchestrating Redpin's ambitious goals.


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