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Bringing students home to roost.

Student living in the UK brings many benefits, the world class universities, cutting edge technology, and some of the brightest minds on the planet converge to create the next generation of leaders.

But student living can be expensive. Which is why we helped launch Roost.

We worked closely with the new team to help develop a new position, a new approach and a name for the endeavour.

We rolled out a strong visual and verbal identity across all touchpoints, digital first, then everywhere...

Everyone deserves a comfy bed, great facilities and an all-round excellent service, whatever the price (and whatever you are studying). So we helped design a brand that has different levels of pricing within properties to ensure residents have a great selection of rooms regardless of their budget.’NATHAN GODDARD CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, ROOST

The name Roost™ was developed by SomeOne, legally registered and is now the brand name that the business pivots from. The brand has rapidly achieved scale from day one. They now boast Roosts all over the UK, waiting to offer friendly and affordable services to students worldwide.

‘Over-branded places and spaces are the scourge of the student housing market. So we developed proximity based systems enable the branding to operate at full volume online and in paces where the communications need to disrupt and attract attention. But it also needs to simmer down where there are day-in-day-out applications such as in the students rooms — no one wants to sleep on a logo, however beautifully it has been designed.’ KATRINA PEEL PROJECT LEAD DESIGNER, SOMEONE.

Different students have different requirements, that’s why a range of rooms are available at Roosts. Choose a self-contained Studio with an in-room kitchen, or if you’re booking with friends, ensuites offer communal living with your own private bathroom.

Whatever people are looking for the new organisation sets out to find the perfect Roost for each resident.

‘With the name Roost registered, we designed an entire BrandWorld to be used across every touchpoint. The name is so good (even if we do say so ourselves) the visual identity had to do something with it. Dramatising the features of the experience, we designed bird boxes that could change and adapt. There are neat one bedroom roosts. And bird boxes with room for three!’ KATRINA PEEL PROJECT LEAD DESIGNER, SOMEONE.

‘We designed the Roost Digital experience around students.There’s nothing worse than being forced into a long contract you don’t really need, so Roost lets students make their own decision. Choose your own start and end dates. Want to early arrive? Sure! Need to stay a bit longer? Great. Not sure yet? Not a problem! We’ll even let you extend on a week-by-week basis until you’re happy. This is the students contract, built by students, for students. Oh, and radical for the sector, weekly prices won’t budge regardless of how long you stay.’
Says Jamin Galea, Digital Design Director, SomeOne.

‘The bird boxes were hand crafted at SomeOne using the latest CGI methods and added to a wider series of visual and verbal brand systems. All the brand assets have been hosted on SomeOne’s bespoke CloudLine system. The way for modern brands to manage, protect and maximise their branding using smart auto-organising systems and analytics.’

'We’ve raised the game with both the visual and the verbal branding here. There has been a real lack of understanding when it comes to what students need. Some attempts to inject life and soul into student accommodation have resulting in living spaces that resemble soft play areas, being able to use a slide to get to your study room seems slightly ridiculous. Students are smart, we have created an operating system that is entertaining and intelligent — it starts with the brand, and continues through the entire experience.' SIMON MANCHIPP, FOUNDER, SOMEONE


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