The COVID-19 pandemic forced society to make significant lifestyle adjustments. For the Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA), this meant their educational focus was to shift gear from ‘in-school’ to ‘at home’, with learning resources distributed online to provide a safe and engaging remote learning environment for all students.

In collaboration with BBDO, Solarflare created an educational metaverse as a means to harness innovative technology and drive RSA’s road safety messaging to school students in an interactive, fun 3D environment.

Accessible through the browser, the remote learning portal allows both RSA presenters and students to be virtually together whilst physically apart.

Cast as avatars, the users are fully immersed and engaged within the 3D event space. Full of hosted RSA learning materials, such as presentations, videos, and animations, the content is tailored to certain age demographics and ready for a wide range of learning content to be taught.

Since its launch, it’s been adopted by the Irish national primary and secondary school curriculum.


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RSA's Road Safety Metaverse