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Lindengate was a local Health & Wellbeing charity that was setup in Buckinghamshire. The idea was to have an area of green space where people with mental health issues could be referred for therapy via horticulture and nature. In 2011 I was approached by the charity in its infant stages to produce materials which would help them raise awareness and funds to approach investors and trustees. They were to hold local events and wanted to have visible items such as posters and roller banners, as well as hand out materials such as leaflets and postcards.

Initially the charity only had an 'idea' for the brand identity so I was first tasked with creating a logo & identity which in turn shaped the remaining assets. My concepts and visuals helped secure the charity the go-ahead funding it needed from investors, and once it was up and running, the print materials I produced helped raise the charity's profile further.

Today it is a thriving and successful charity, and its nice to think I played a part in getting it all started.

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