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Poundland was looking to find a way to engage their audience and get them to interact with the brand in order to collect data during the Christmas period. The retail brand wanted to achieve this whilst also bringing awareness to the Christmas range and the upcoming over £1 range. It was important to Poundland that the campaign be tied into a fun, interactive digital activation that appeals to its audience and is easy to reuse for future campaigns.

SMACK created ‘Basket Chase’, a fun supermarket sweep style game where users have to try and catch as many Christmas items in their basket as possible. Bonus points are given for items over £1 that are caught. If the user catches a snowflake, gameplay speeds up. To make it a bit more challenging, the user loses points if they collect everyday items. Basket Chase is a fast paced, challenging game with fun sound effects, smooth animations and is intuitive to play. With the inclusion of a leaderboard, users are encouraged to play the game multiple times to compete with other players. Email capture was achieved via a chance for users to win a trolley dash at a Poundland store. Players had to submit their email addresses in order to be eligible for the prize.

Capturing a larger audience through social.
To further expand the digital marketing campaign, we were asked to help Poundland engage a larger audience to interact with the brand and the game by creating a fun, engaging video for organic and paid social. SMACK was able to deliver a video that was vivid, enticing and encouraged a high click through rate.


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Poundland: Basket Chase Campaign