Sivylla Abati Sales Assistant


As part of a student brief, the Museum of Football in Sao Paolo needed a rebrand. After a thorough research on the city, its inhabitants and the museum, I realised it was mainly targeting children fans of football. I wanted to bring it back to the adult fans by allowing them to create their own exhibitions built upon memorabilia they found, songs they shared etc. The new museum offers a communal space to congregate, share and exhibit and finally build an archive of memories and emotions.

The logo represents the initials of the Football Museum - Bleachers. The 'F' and 'M' form the stadium of Pacaeumbu, underneath which the 'b' is placed after the new name of the museum, 'Bleachers'.

The poster represents the stacking of objects related to football gathered by the fans to build an overall structure. It is very geometric, almost strategic, like in a football game where players defend their goal. In this case, fans defend their memories against time.

Date created: March 2018 2018-03-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 18 June 2018 2018-06-18T01:23:32+0100