Simone Smyth Designer /​ Art Director


This branding project was a brief for Rock ‘N’ Rose clothing boutique for women based in Phi Phi, Thailand. The project required a new brand design and website design.

The mandatory in the brief was to include a skull and rose somewhere in the design. The clothing boutique would be dealing with two very different shoppers; Rock Fashion and Girly Chic. The challenge therefore was to make this skull and rose “rocky” and “bad ass” but not to alienate the more feminine shopper. After trial and errors the design led to incorporating the brand name into the artwork itself. So now the skull would actually spell out the “Rock ‘ N’ Rose” label.

Rock ‘N’ Rose, rather than getting a vinyl printed, had the logo hand painted by a local tattoo artist on the island. The logo really stands up and stands out. The website will be available soon at You’ll see here some unique icons designed for the site to help Rock ‘N’ Rose set out a unique look and feel.

Date created: April 2013 2013-04-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 5 June 2013 2013-06-05T13:04:34+0100


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