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We were commissioned by Greater Cambridge Shared Planning to create the look and feel for the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, which sets out the vision for the new inclusive, walkable and low-carbon district with a strong community focus and all just a 15 minute cycle ride from Cambridge City Centre.

The main aspect of the project was a series of illustrations showing typical scenes and streets. These needed to bring the district to life without being specific, as the architecture is still in its early stages. We drew them in-house using a simple graphic style and vibrant palette to bring the places to life. Each street scene was populated with a collection of different characters to highlight the breadth of people for whom the area is being built for.

Our illustrations and infographics were used both online and in print for use as part of the public consultation. In addition we collaborated with filmmakers 'Reuben + Jamie’, who storyboarded and animated our numerous drawings, then added sound with the help of Jamie Frye to create a short promotional film about the proj


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A look and feel for the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan