Shukria Akhtar Freelance Photographer


My brief required us to do something related to sports. In response to my brief I created a video, which involved young people. The video motivates young people to get involved in sports. Being someone who has been born and bread in East London, I have seen many people being swayed towards the wrong path. Our up coming generation are at great risk of getting involved in dangerous things like drugs and murders. However sports can help them to lead a healthy life. It will keep young peoples mind occupied in something healthy and important. I got involved with brawlers boxing who are based on east London. My video is based around this boxing institute. The message I have tried to portrayed “ sports can help youngsters focus more in life and it can help them to lead a healthy life”

Date created: February 2017 2017-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 19 August 2017 2017-08-19T16:29:35+0100