Sharon Edmondston Creative Director


We re-booted the classic Leo Burnett ad campaign for Woolworths. A campaign driven by a jingle that focused purely on the WOOLWORTHS store and their people’s passion for fresh food and each other. There is a camaraderie amongst the staff. A devotion to please. A commitment to ensuring the freshest food possible in all areas of the store.

The butcher and his team proudly display their cuts. The bakers live for pulling fresh trays from their oven to camera and delight in pulling apart their hot freshly baked bread.
The fruit and veggie people showcase their amazing colourful installations of vibrant fresh produce. The staff happily help all their customers with a sample taste and a chat.

Put simply… WOOLWORTHS is a store full of people who have a genuine friendship for one another. They take pride in their work and thrive on customer satisfaction. This is the DNA of WOOLWORTHS THE FRESH FOOD PEOPLE.


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