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Free-range chicken brand, Lilydale, has launched a new brand platform, ‘Dedication you can taste’, with a campaign depicting the extra mile Lilydale farmers go to in raising their chickens.

The campaign film is set to Andrew Gold’s ‘Thank you for being a friend’, which was also the theme song of The Golden Girls.

The film shows a farmer reading books about chicken workouts, playing music, and sheltering them from the rain. It then cuts to him preparing a meal in his kitchen, and shrugging to the camera as the narrator says ‘It’s not easy, but it sure is worth it’.

M&C Saatchi’s chief creative officer, Cam Blackley, gave kudos to Lilydale for taking on the ‘cheeky’ campaign.
“To get cut-through in this space we had to be cheeky and disruptive, and Chris Riggert understood straight away the kind of tone we wanted to achieve. Kudos to Lilydale for embracing the concept in the first place,” he said.

Yash Gandhi, head of marketing at Baiada said: “This repositioning signals an exciting new chapter for the Lilydale brand. It celebrates what sets us apart, which is the generations of farmers that go above and beyond every day, since we pioneered the free-range market nearly 20 years ago. The honesty of the film will take people by surprise, and that’s exactly what makes it memorable.”

Media agency Hyland and Hardhat, covering digital, have facilitated the campaign’s run across TV, OOH, press, digital, social media, PR and influencer marketing.


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