A lovely little project went out of our doors at the end of 2015 for client and local friends, Third Floor Design. Third Floor are a multi-disciplinary brand agency based down the road from ourselves in Cheltenham – the chaps there were working on rebranding themselves to co-inside with the relocation of their offices across town. They were keen to furnish the walls and website with so new imagery that played off their new branding mantras of Launch, Grow, Change.

Being big believers in our own mantra, that nothing good is done before a decent cup of tea we headed for the breakfast table armed with pencils, paper and bucket loads of creative nonsense to throw at each other. I would like to say that the scribbles were reminiscent of the ones that could be found in the note books of Leonardo Da Vinci, in reality it looked like someone had turned the lights off for the duration of the meeting.

With the three words Launch, Grow, Change firmly planted in the back of our mind, the thinking was to play on the hand crafted approach that Third Floor takes with their clients. Their ability to see potential in areas where others wouldn’t, fully embracing their clients needs and using their collective creative knowledge to enable clients to either Launch, Grow or Change their brand or indeed all of the above. The idea was to nod to the creative background and portray the Third Floor guys as sculpturists, people who see potential in blocks of wood or ice and can shape the medium to reveal the hidden artwork beneath – much as they do with their brand work.

Taking this onboard the focus was to create icons that visually echoed those three words – a Rocket, butterfly and acorn where the three that were chosen. The CGI team here set to work setting these three into wood, metal and ice respectively and making it appear that the guys are halfway through the creative process – semi revealing the final finished sculptures.

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