Increasing immersive experiences at Shadowplay

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Virtual Reality has planted the creative industry on the frontline of an emerging medium. Shadowplay are taking clients on an exciting one way trip to a new reality offering unprecedented experiences that embrace the most powerful element of VR - immersion.*
Utilising their strengths in both photorealistic CGI and photography, Shadowplay are hitting the ground running aiming to push the limits of current technology and hardware.

Phil James - Owner and Creative Director of Shadowplay says ' It was an obvious step to make coming from our strong creative background, working in CGI and moving image. Shadowplay has always been involved in creating fully immersive visual experiences, and now with new technology hitting the shelves and making it much more accessible to all our clients, it makes it a very exciting time to be involved. We've incorporated a team within the company who are able to create mixed, augmented and virtual reality experiences, and have had some great feedback on our demonstrations'

*To book in for a chat with the team or a demonstration of how we can help bring VR / AR to life within your agency, contact Shadowplay




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