Creative community called upon to back &Sons global fashion brand

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The launch of a pioneering clothing brand &Sons invites members of the creative community to pledge for their style via a Kickstarter campaign calling on those within the creative industries to back a hardwearing, timeless and expertly crafted collection designed by creatives for creatives. The ethos behind the &Sons brand is to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans where hard-won expertise is passed on from one generation to the next. The functional aspects of the collection are born from a frustration of not having fashionable clothing that has a functional and practical edge. The &Sons range incorporates a layered style that feature only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship. From the Baker boy cap in tweed and leather through to the Chambray work shirt, cotton waistcoat, Selvedge denim jeans and handmade leather work boots the collection takes the best from the past to create a timeless look for the here and now.


The campaign is being run by &Sons Founder, Creative Director and trailblazing photographer Phil James from Shadowplay, who is seeking to raise funds in excess of £50,000. James said: “The idea for this project came about when I found myself struggling to find clothes that were functional and hardwearing for my day job but also fashionable, comfortable and ultimately something I felt proud wearing. I also wanted a certain look, but found myself shopping around from several different websites. And so &Sons was born, catering for a discerning customer looking for a classic, timeless style. We loved the idea of a Kickstarter campaign to get us off the ground as the thought that people were voting with their own investment for what they wanted to see hanging in their wardrobe really resonated with the team. We really hope fashionable folk far and wide will dig deep and back our exciting vision.”


The most interesting aspect of the collection, despite the pedigree and ambition behind it, is the way all of the garments have been designed to catalyse constant and consistent creativity. James explains: “As a photographer and working with other creatives, an everyday problem is we’re forever losing the tools of our trade, be it lens caps, pens, brushes, clips or combs. We need to have our kit at arms length as we work and this thinking sparked the introduction our signature original chore pockets which are incorporated into a number of the &Sons pieces. They are designed to be easily accessible, perfectly positioned and functional, some are even invisible when not in use. We think we may solved this age old issue.”

The different utility features can be used on a need only basis and some are hidden when not required like the internal pocket in the &Sons heavyweight union overalls that is only revealed when the straps and bib are folded down. All chore pockets are perfectly tailored and ergonomically placed on the garments so that they’re easily accessible whilst also aesthetically pleasing.


Further purpose built features can be found throughout the collection. These include a traditional turn up with a cinch strap which allows the trouser leg to hug the ankle on the union overalls, cutter and walker jeans; a trend adapted for cyclists and the café racer society. Further pencil pockets have been added to the painter shirt, lincoln waistcoat and crafter chore jacket and wide mouthed smart phone pockets feature also. Investors pledging their support can do so for as little as £1 or up to £1,500. Pledgers will have the unique chance to be the first to snap up items of the unisex collection with the first 200 pieces of each item marked with a limited edition item number. Garments available during the 45 days are available for a special reduced price. The entire &Sons look, meanwhile, can be purchased for pledges of £1,500.



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