About me

I'm passionate about 3D design and the art of architectural

visualisation. With more then 15 years of experience in 3D

design and visualisation I have developed an interest in the

CGI side of the industry. Since then I have been developing

my skills to archive the most compelling designs and visuals.

Always willing to up my game, looking for better ways to

improve my workflow and deliver the best quality visuals.

I'm passionate about photography that has helped me to

understand the importance of storytelling and composition.

I have developed excellent modelling skills and can use

different types of software, texturing and lighting with various

techniques. Always aiming to improve and learn new skills and

technologies like AR. I'm always up for a challenge, whether

working as part of a team or leading my own projects. I have

excellent work ethics and have never failed a deadline. I'm now

looking for a new challenge and I hope to be part of your team.


autocad, illustrator, Photoshop, revit, studio max

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3d design, CGI / 3D, exhibition design

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on 19th July 2016
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