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Have you been face to face with death?

I met her this Sunday, while she was walking in the park.
In an instant and between dreams she placed her eyes on me, and she handed me a small paper with words signed by destiny, which feel like desire and despair, which smell of delirium and seem like destruction.
What do you see there?

I lost the compass that you gave me
the one that marked the north
I lost it in a sea of sensations
I was going to break through the fear
and I imprisoned her against my chest
Seduction whispered in my ears
and I lost the bodily sensation
along with the compass you gave me
And the desire passed over me,
passion passed over me
and then guilt and pain
The waters stilled and I saw her
I watched as she began to sink
And I kept looking ...
Until she was lost in the depths.

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Date published: 20 January 2021 2021-01-20T14:23:10+0000

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